Monday, 29 December 2014

Enjoy the Synthesis of Rich Aroma and Flavour while sipping in Quality Darjeeling Tea

Let's Get Introduced with finesse
Nothing can be more relaxing than sipping a cup of tea. Be it in the morning or at night or a well-deserved break when you are only with yourself. Amidst  huge work pressure, a cup of tea is brings to you true sense of refreshment & refinement. Just imagine a sunrise sitting in the porch of your house while holding your favourite author's book, a cup of tea will just create wonder to the scene. This is the time when people prefer to have Darjeeling tea, as nothing comes near it when it comes to royalty and originality.

Heard its good for body?
Whoever told you this fact, must be your well wisher. There are many toxic attributes in our body which gets detoxified on consumption of tea. Moreover, this is a instant refresher and revitalize.  It is believed to have many more medical benefits including ageing slowing, de-stressing, etc.    

Now happiness can be bought!

Now is the time when you can even purchase happiness! Startled? No one is selling packaged happiness here, but off course we know something which delivers you just that.

It's often told that, "you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's kind of same thing". brings you just that by offering a hold of first and second flush teas from Darjeeling

The range starts from $5.99 and goes up to quite a milestone. Make your choice according to your pocket size and taste. 

Shopping made easy
Now, it’s high time for you to fill your cupboard with packets of fresh Indian tea grown in the hills of Assam and Darjeeling and lend your kitchen a new flavor it has been devoid of till now. With cross-platform compatibility of the store comes the ease of any place & device shopping.

"Happiness Delivered in pouches :) "

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